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Jumper cables

Jumper cables

Jumper cables are the perfect choice for antenna line connections. Features include stable electrical performance thanks to high quality superflexible cable and a special connector head design, and a soldered inner and outer conductor guarantees excellent return loss and low intermodulation.

The design of the assembly ensures the waterproofing of the jumper to IP 68 and is based on three principles:

  • 7-16 head sealing with O-rings
  • Induction soldering of the inner and outer conductors providing 360 degrees of contact and sealing 3) Enclosing the connection at the rear of the connector with injection molded body.

All our jumpers are delivered with an attached test report showing return loss and intermodulation measurements. A watertight protective cap on each end provides additional protection during storage and transport.


RFF 1/2" angle jumper

No product details yet.

RFF 1/2" jumper

No product details yet.